Meet Our Staff

We have the BEST team of kennel technicians and daycamp counselors that you could hope for! Everyone genuinely cares for every guest, and will go out of their way to make sure everyone is healthy, happy, and comfortable. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many kennel techs, and all of our past and current employees are the reason MSK9 still stands. Everyday is Kennel Tech appreciation day!

Daycamp Manager- Jade Kunsman

Pictured with MSK9 Daycamp regulars "Oakley" and "Chevy"


Kennel Tech/Office Assistant- Sam Williams

Pictured with GSD Bohdan

Sam grew up riding and training horses until she moved into a kennel tech position at age 15. She has an interest in canine genetics, nutrition, and training dogs. Sam first started coming to Bite Night at MSK9 in 2018, where she started to learn what it takes to become a protection decoy. Since then she has started working at MSK9 as a Kennel tech, moving her way towards becoming a trainer.

Kennel Tech- Chelsea Radzik

Pictured with her GSD mix "Snickers"

Born and raised in San Diego, Chelsea has longed for the mountains. She grew up around dogs and started volunteering at an animal hospital at the age of 17. From San Diego, she moved to Salt Lake City where she dogsat and hiked with dogs for a year. She found her way to Colorado in 2020 to work for MSK9 in hopes of working towards becoming a dog trainer.

Kennel Tech- Matthew Isaacs

Pictured with his Malinois Dale

After working graveyard shifts loading and unloading trucks, Matt decided he needed a career change. He has always loved dogs and after researching more about becoming a dog trainer, he started his dog training journey in 2017. He attended the Tom Rose School for dog trainers under the instruction of our very own little Jake. Matt moved out to Colorado, from his hometown in Georgia, to start his career at MSK9. He is working toward becoming a certified PSA decoy and competing with his dogs. 

Kennel Tech- Sarah Gayle

Pictured with her Malinois Vaquero


Kennel Tech- Alaska Wood

Pictured with MSK9 Training dog "Yazmin"

Alaska is the proud mother of two young children. When her kids are off to school, she enjoys caring for our guests at MSK9. She has a huge soft spot for huskies and husky mixes, as she has previously owned a husky mix. Her favorite part of working at MSK9, besides giving all the dogs a belly rub, is making sure our grooming dogs go home squeaky clean. Her other true love, other than dogs, is creating art as a special effects artist!

Kennel Tech/Daycamp Counselor- Sophi Fairchild

Pictured with MSK9 Daycamp regulars "Bear" and "June"

Sophi grew up around her family labs in the mountains of Montana. She started her pet career in 2017, where she worked at a dog boarding facility in her hometown. She took a break and moved to Hawaii before heading for the Colorado mountains. She stared working as a kennel technician at MSK9 in 2019 and we are lucky to have her! She loves to give our guests extra ear scratches and making sure everyone gets along in daycamp.

Kennel Tech- Michelle Dewitt

Pictured with MSK9 Daycamp regular "Cali"

Michelle's passion for animals started at a young age growing up around dogs, cats, snakes, livestock, and horses. Surrounded by so many animals, she wanted to be a veterinarian. Her favorite dog breeds are Italian greyhounds, and french bulldogs. She started her career in the pet industry working at MSK9 in 2019, and is learning the ropes in dog behavior.

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