AKC CGC & Urban CGC Titles


Why should I take the test?

The CGC, and Urban CGC is an entry level test that shows you have overall control of your dog. It is the pre-requisite to many other tests or titles if you wish to continue in that direction. It is also good to have in case of housing or insurance situations that need documentation of a well mannered dog.

Does my dog need to be registered with AKC?

No. The only instance you would need a registration is if you would like their AKC registered name to have a "CGC" at the end.


If I pass the CGC or urban CGC test, can I bring my dog into businesses as my ESA dog?

No. The only dog allowed into businesses are service dogs that provide a task for their one handler.

Am I allowed to have treats on me or my training collars?

Treats and toys are not allowed during the CGC or Urban CGC test, but you are allowed to verbally praise as much as you would like. Training collars are not allowed to be used during the test.

How is the test scored?

The test is a pass or fail. Aside from not completing the test items, a dog can fail if they jump on people, potty inside, show aggression, or show extreme anxiety/fear.

Are there any pre-requisites? 

There are no requirements for the CGC test however, you will need to have passed the CGC before testing the Urban CGC. Your CGC test can be from any evaluator. We typically hold a 5 week group class for the Urban CGC, where at the end of the 5 weeks you have the option of testing. Keep your eye out for the next class!

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