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Mountain State K9 is proud to offer more opportunities to help our community. We are now offering personal protection dogs, single purpose dogs, and dual purpose dogs for sale. Every dog has been chosen specifically for their genetic ability, solid environmental nerves, and health screening. We have been training dogs in protection and scent detection for over 20+ years and have successfully sold dogs to departments.

Personal Protection

Our personal protection dogs work day in and day out to keep you and your family safe. Every dog has been hand picked and trained by our top trainers to give you the best protection that suits your needs. These dogs are chosen as family protection dogs because of their ability to be good around all people and dogs. All dogs come with a health certificate, health guarantee, updated vaccinations, and private in-home lessons. All potential owners will be screened to ensure it's the right fit! 

Single Purpose

Green and finished dogs available to departments and organizations for single purpose scent detection. Our single purpose scent K9's are trained in a passive alert for either explosive or narcotics detection. The purchase of every dog includes a health certificate, health guarantee, and handler training.

Dual Purpose

MSK9 offers the highest quality green and finished dual purpose dogs available to departments. Available green dogs will increase in price the longer they are with us as they will continue in their training towards being a finished K9. All dogs come with a health certificate, health guarantee, and handler training.Our finished dogs have seen it all and have been trained in the following areas...


Evidence recovery

Scent detection

Tracking trailing


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