How often is my dog out training?

  That is dependent on where your dog is at in their training. Every dog learns at a different rate and each dog has a different attention span. We have found that for most dogs it is more beneficial to train for shorter periods multiple times a day. However, if your dog is further along in their training, we would be working on duration of commands, therefore we would have longer, but less training sessions throughout the day.

Will my dog be able to play with other dogs while they are in training?

  New training dogs do not go to daycamp, we would like to save that energy and focus on training. However, if your dog is with us for refresher training, you may add a half day of training and half day of daycamp.

My dog knows basic commands, what else will you be teaching them?

  While 90% of dogs will know a sit and down at home, we are working towards the reliability of those commands under higher distractions or stress. That's great that he knows it at home, but does he know it when you take him to the dog park, festival, or patio? It may sound simple, but at a time of high stimulation, it can be extremely hard for our dog's to follow through.

Can you fix my dog's aggression?

  No. A dog can be taught how to act appropriately and control those impulses, but you cannot make them like people or dogs. Some dogs just don't like to interact with other dogs, why put them in an uncomfortable situation that may cause longterm damage? We have worked with thousands of aggressive dogs and with our experience, obedience and overall control is more important than nose to nose interactions.


Can you fix my dog's separation anxiety?

  No, but we can manage and teach a dog to live more calmly. Depending on the severity you will see changes with consistent training over time.

My dog is scared of other dogs, will training help socialize them to where I can take them to the dog park?

  No. We can teach a dog how to properly act around other dogs, however this is where fear aggression starts if not controlled appropriately.

If my dog stays over a weekend during the trainers' day off, does my dog just sit in the kennel?

  All dogs are taken care of over the weekends and we are fully staffed from 5:30am-8pm. We sometimes suggest keeping them at our facility over these weekends because it is less likely they will go home and revert back to the habits we are trying to break.