Personal Protection Dogs

We offer two levels of personal protection dogs
Deterrent Dog: Advanced obedience, good with the family, and bark on command good enough to deter people away.
Finished Protection Dog: Advanced obedience, bark on command, good with the family, will bite in home or car invasion, and bite under threat.
Prices will vary with each dog but range from $9,000- $15,00 
Prices include private lessons and Bite night classes. 
Every dog is carefully selected and trained to high standards. All dogs go through extensive training at our facility and offsite, showing them as many different scenarios. They are trained on sleeves, suits, as well as hidden sleeves, and test them on their ability to work without equipment. They spend time in our personal homes, and the kennel to be well rounded individuals.
If you are serious about owning a protection dog, please fill out THIS questionnaire and we will be in touch with you. 

" Kobe' "

Breed: German Shepherd
Sex: Intact Male
DOB: August 14, 2017
Children: Under assessment
Dogs: Under Assessment
Training: In Training to be a finished personal protection dog
Price: SOLD
Health certificate, Health guarantee, current vaccinations
We will bring your dog to you!
Local purchase includes in-home and off-site lessons, as well as an initial Bite Night package at MSK9.
Out-of-state purchase includes 3 days of in-home and off-site lessons. Travel and lodging not included.
A refundable deposit of $2,000 will be needed to reserve your dog. We will accept payments as long as the price is paid in full at time of pick-up/drop-off.
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