Kennel Technician Position

MSK9 is a Boarding, Training, and Doggie Daycare facility with immediate openings for Kennel Technicians. Providing exceptional care for our canine guests is most important. A good candidate must be self-motivated, team players who are detailed oriented, efficient, and on-time. Ability to function in a fast-paced environment with excellent communication, be physically capable of working in a kennel setting, lifting up to 50lbs, and will be available on weekends and holidays. This job is an essential part of our kennel and therefore, candidate must be extremely reliable and responsible. There are possibilities of both part time and full-time positions, as well as room to grow with the company. Reviews are offered after 90 days with the potential for a raise

20-25hr per week Part Time

35-40hr per week Full Time

Kennel Tech responsibilities include:


  • ensure the comfort and cleanliness of boarding dogs

  • keep kennels clean, disinfected, orderly, and odor free

  • mark down all belongings

  • washing dishes

  • pick up soiled laundry as well as run multiple loads of laundry

  • precisely follow instructions for feeding dogs as scheduled

  • keep water bowls full

  • bathe dogs when scheduled

  • Shoveling snow when need be

  • Janitorial work including cleaning bathrooms, floors, and work spaces as needed

  • keep exterior of building clean, orderly, and feces free

  • Communicating with clients

  • Must have a flexible schedule with ability to work evenings, weekends and holidays - NO exceptions.


The kennel tech position is an ever-changing position and responsibilities are subject to change 

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