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  Jake has had a passion for dogs his entire life. He began training dogs as a hobby in 2000 and decided to turn his passion into a career in July 2008 when he attended the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in St. Louis, Missouri. While there, he graduated from both the Professional and Master Dog Trainer programs at the top of his class. In March of 2009, he was asked to go to work for the Tom Rose School as an instructor and trainer for The Dog House. During his time there, he helped instruct many students to become well-rounded dog trainers. With Jake's instruction and guidance, his students achieved multiple titles in AKC obedience and protection sports such as IPO and PSA. Jake is well versed in tracking and specific odor detection and has instructed many students in these areas as well. Additionally, Jake is an experienced decoy and has worked with protection dogs in training for a variety of venues including protection sports, personal protection and law enforcement applications. He was certified as a PSA trial decoy in 2010 and was selected to decoy the PSA Nationals in 2012, 2013, and 2014. He was also selected to be the assistant Midwest director for PSA in 2012. Jake has personally titled multiple dogs in AKC obedience, PSA and IPO.  Jake and his Belgian Malinois, Alice, achieved many significant accomplishments including the following:


Jake's current accomplishments:

- AKC Companion Dog (Obedience Title) with scores of 196, 197 and 197.5 (perfect score is 200)

- Schutzhund BH


- PSA 1

- 1st place at PSA 1 Regional and National Championships in 2010, earning High Obedience, High Protection and High in Trial for both trials

- 3rd Place at PSA 2 National Championship in 2011, earning High Obedience

- Assistant Director for the West Region in PSA

- PSA Emeritus Decoy

  Kari has more than 25 years of experience training dogs and their owners. Kari's experience includes AKC, Flyball, PSA (Protection Sports Association),  and Shutzhund. Kari exhibits in AKC and PSA where she competes at the national level, and has professionally trained over 6,500 dogs of all breeds and ages levels from basic obedience, Police K-9, service and therapy dogs. Kari works closely with numerous rescue organizations in Colorado and Missouri to help dogs find their forever homes through education for people as well as their dogs. Kari has achieved many significant accomplishments with many of her dogs including the following:


Kari's current accomplishments:

-Canine Good Citizen(CGC) Evaluator


-PSA 1



-AKC Novice

-Multiple Flyball Titles

  Jacob (aka Little Jake) is passionate about building confidence in you, your dog, and ultimately a stronger relationship between the two. He graduated from the Tom Rose school in 2012 and became an instructor at the school in 2014. Since the start of his career he has trained thousands of dogs of different breeds and temperaments. From your basic obedience, to competition obedience, scent detection, service dogs, search and rescue, protection, tracking, and so much more, Little Jake is here to help with every challenge.

  In his years as an instructor he has taught many students how to become professional dog trainers by teaching them how to raise their own puppies in different disciplines.  Every dog and every person is different in the way they learn, and to be able to modify things on the spot is something little Jake excels at. He absolutely loves to see people grow and overcome obstacles. 
  For the past four years he has been a certified PSA decoy and participated in Nationals as a 2017 select decoy. He loves to problem solve, incorporate different techniques, and bring the best out of handlers and their dogs.  

Little Jake's current accomplishments:

Canine Good Citizen(CGC)

Certified PSA Senior Decoy- 2014

PSA PDC- Cruz 2019

   After graduating from the Tom Rose School in 2014, Katelyn Mendigorin started training dogs at Kennelwood Pet Resorts in St.Louis, Missouri. Her passion is educating people and enhancing their relationship with their dogs by incorporating rules, and creating outlets. She has trained thousands of dogs of different breeds and temperaments, as well as specific behaviors for therapy and service work. She currently shows in AKC obedience with her Dutch Shepherd, Abby, and is working towards PSA titles with her German Shepherd, Bohdan. 
  When Katelyn is not training, you will usually find her on the sidelines taking photos. She  loves to capture moments in time that you enjoy to look back on. Stay updated with her work, and you might see your pup, on the MSK9 Facebook page!

Katelyn's current accomplishments:

Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

AKC Novice A - Abby 2016

PSA PDC- Bohdan 2019

   Cole has been working with dogs professionally since he was sixteen. After working at several kennels, he took the next step in his dog training career and attended the Master’s and Professional’s program at The Tom Rose School in January 2018, where he was a student of Little Jake.  He then took a job as the TRS/Dog House Training Coordinator, where he worked with pet, police, protection, agility, sport, service, hunting, and scent dogs, including fearful and aggressive dogs. He is passionate about teaching students and clients how to better communicate with their dogs and loves working with personal and sport protection dogs.  He’s excited to compete in PSA with his Belgian Malinois "Outlaw" and German Shepherd "Rex". 

Cole's current accomplishments:

Canine Good Citizen

PSA PDC- Rex 2019

Allison Taylor


Starting as a doggie daycamp attendant in high school, Allison has always had a caring heart. After trying different careers, she found herself always coming back to the pet industry where in 2016 she started apprenticing under a dog trainer. She later accepted a kennel technician job at MSK9 in 2019, and started apprenticing under our training director, Little Jake. 

Allison's current accomplishments:

Canine Good Citizen

NACSW Nosework 1

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