Meet The MSK9 Crew

We have the BEST team of kennel technicians and daycamp counselors that you could hope for! Everyone genuinely cares for every guest, and will go out of their way to make sure everyone is healthy, happy, and comfortable. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many kennel techs, and all of our past and current employees are the reason MSK9 still stands. Everyday is Kennel Tech appreciation day!

Daycamp Manager- Jade Kunsman

Pictured with MSK9 Daycamp regulars "Oakley" and "Chevy"

Growing up outside of Detroit, Michigan, Jade did not have any pets of her own, and it only made her love for them stronger. She would visit her friends and play with their pets, and it wasn't until she was 17 that she started working with dogs full time. Since then, she has worked for a wide variety of facilities and decided to move to Colorado in 2005. Jade loves learning about each individual dog and really understanding their needs. She does a fantastic job of sorting playgroups with dogs that play well with one another, and when she is in the kennel you can find her wrapping a pup up in a blanket to make them feel more comfortable. Aside from caring for our guests, she loves to explore, create art, promote events, rockhound, and learn new things!

Kennel Tech Manger- Chelsea Radzik

Pictured with her GSD mix "Snickers"

Born and raised in San Diego, Chelsea has longed for the mountains. She grew up around dogs and started volunteering at an animal hospital at the age of 17. From San Diego, she moved to Salt Lake City where she dogsat and hiked with dogs for a year. She found her way to Colorado in 2020 to work for MSK9 in hopes of working towards becoming a dog trainer.

Kennel Tech/Training Assistant- Matthew Isaacs

Pictured with his Malinois Dale

After working graveyard shifts loading and unloading trucks, Matt decided he needed a career change. He has always loved dogs and after researching more about becoming a dog trainer, he started his dog training journey in 2017. He attended the Tom Rose School for dog trainers under the instruction of our very own little Jake. Matt moved out to Colorado, from his hometown in Georgia, to start his career at MSK9. He is working toward becoming a certified PSA decoy and competing with his dogs. 

Kennel Tech- Gator Schott

Pictured with his Labrador "June"

Aside from working a full-time job at Leprino Foods, Gator enjoys working at MSK9 part-time. He grew up in Ravenna Nebraska before making his move to Colorado, where he enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing, and training with June. He is currently working on teaching June to retrieve in hopes of preparing her for the next hunting season. 

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