We want your dog's experience here at Mountain State K9 Academy to be just like a fun vacation get away too! Feel at ease when you drop your dog off because you know they will be in the hands of canine professionals that provide quality and compassionate care for your dog! Don’t forget to look at the fun activities available to fit your dog's personality! 

Overnight Stays

Each room includes a 4x5 private indoor area with a pet cot for your dog to sleep, eat and relax along with a 4x10 adjoining outdoor area for them to potty and stretch their legs! 




$35/ day for the first dog and $30 for each additional

$30 pick-up on Sunday or Holidays

Pick-up on weekdays are before 12pm, there will be a day stay charge of $20 after 12pm

Medication can be administered at $6.5/day for injectables and $4.00/day for pills

Day Camp

Our Day Camp allows for your dog to get fun, friendly and structured socialization with other dogs! We do not feed lunch to daycamp dogs for their safety of preventing "bloat".

Please call to schedule your dog's daycamp Monday through Friday!



$30/ day

$15/ day with boarding

Personal Playtimes

If your dog does not enjoy playing with other dogs, sign them up for a personal playtime with a friendly staff member! We can still have a blast with them!


$35 per day

$20.00 per session with boarding Monday Through Friday

Bath & Nail Trim

We would love to give your dog a warm bubbly bath before they go home!


Bath: $30-$85 Nail Trim: $20-30

Photo Sessions

Whether your dog is with us for day camp, training, boarding, or grooming, you can add a personal photo session to your dogs stay. 




We recommend that you bring your dog's own food in order to keep them on a balanced diet. Please prepackage it in zip-lock bags.


We provide a nice, comfortable, 4 post doggie bed for each dog that stays with us. 




All dogs must be current on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccinations. 


We also have a 10-day wait period, so there must be 10 days between any vet visit and your dog coming to Mountain State K9 Academy.

There are staff members who live on the property to allow 24 hour surveillance to all dogs in our care.