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Our next CPR class is on the books... and will be in our NEW INDOOR TRAINING BUILDING!

Join us for a day of K9 CPR and First Aid certification. If you have a dog, this is a very educational and possibly life saving class to attend!

If you enjoy hikes with your dog and encounter a snake bite, what should you do? If you're home alone and your dog has a seizure, how do you safely care for them until you can reach a vet?
Are you confident that in the event of a dog emergency you are capable of keeping things stable until you can reach help? If not, this class will give you that confidence!

This one day/5hr class will include topics like...
-Broken bones
-Torn paw pads
-Controlling bleeding
-and much more!

June 13th
9am-2:30 pm

Spots are limited!!
To learn more and register for the class please use the following link:



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