We offer nine levels of service from puppy to adult, including Boarding School, Day School, Private Lesson, Off Site Lesson/In-home Lesson, Group Classes, Canine Good Citizen Certification and Training, Refresher Training, Competition Training (AKC Obedience, UKC Nosework, IPO and PSA) and Personal/Executive Protection Dog Training. Please contact us at or call 970-353-0778 for a free evaluation and scheduling.

Boarding School


Our training programs build long-lasting, positive relationships between you and your dog. Drop your pet off at Mountain State K9 Academy for our successful boarding school program! Your dog will not only learn basic obedience but positive behavior modification as well. This convenient program allows you to drop your dog off, and they can enjoy a comfortable stay while in school, and upon pickup you will have a one-on-one private lesson with your dog's trainer to go over all they have learned throughout their stay. Programs require an initial evaluation and start with a two week minimum.

Private Lesson


You and your dog can meet with a trainer at Mountain State K9 Academy to work on specific behaviors.  These lessons can be focused on issues that have already been covered during training that you need a little extra work on or new behaviors that have evolved. 

Off Site Lesson/In-home Lesson


A trainer from Mountain State K9 Academy can come to your house or meet you in a public place such as a park or public area to work on certain behaviors they may not be displayed during training but appear in a specific environment.

Group Classes


Group classes are exclusive to training program graduates. Call today to get more information

Canine Good Citizen Testing and Training


The Canine Good Citizen Program was created by the American Kennel Club to promote responsible dog ownership and to reward dogs that have good manners at home and in the community.  Any of our trainers can prepare your dog for the CGC and administer the test.

Refresher Training


This training is for those who have completed a training program and would like further training on new things or a refresher on things they have already learned but might not have mastered yet. This program is great if you are going on vacation and your training graduate is staying with us or if you would like them to remain in school a few days a week throughout the year.

Competition Training


This can be helpful for preparing for an upcoming competition or trial. Whether you are preparing for an AKC trial such as Utility or getting ready for schutzhund/IPO, PSA (Protection Sport Association) routines, or UKC Nosework, we help set you up for successful trial through training using observation and problem solving.  We will help build your dog's confidence and help you teach them exactly what you want and expect from them. 

Protection Dog Training

Our protection program creates high quality protection and dual-purpose protection dogs for your home and family. By teaching control, defense and obedience, you will have a well rounded dog that can act and serve your family in the time of need while also serving you as a lasting companion. Please call for more information on this specialized program.